Great Books About Poker

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Almost all fans of that famous card game we all know and love that is poker, loves to read almost anything about the game and out of the hundreds and thousands of poker books available right now on the the market, a very big percentage of them are pretty much about things like poker strategies and the mechanics of poker. While everyone would definitely like to know the best way to play your pocket jacks from an early position, it does not exactly make for great read, and if you are just a casual fan of the game (or simply just out to get a present for a friend or family member who plays poker). Below you’ll find some of better books about poker that gives you a broader, and more better approach to the game and includes lots of fascinating history of poker that makes the game of such interest.

The book “Big Deal” by Anthony Holden is a great read, it show cases Holden’s attempt to make it on the professional poker circuit in the years from 1988-1989. While the book only deals much about the game it also appeals to anyone who has themselves chasing a dream of that big win tha ultimately takes them farther and farther away from the people they care the most a burden that a lot of striving poker players face each in this endeavor. The book deals more on the psychological and the emotional toll that almost all poker players endure, players chasing a big win that often falters to just a tinsy bit out of reach.

Noteworthy, Jim McManus has also authored great poker books such as “Cowboys Full: the Story of Poker” and “Posititively Fifth Street” . “Cowboys Full” is about the evolution of poker from its beginnings inside salons and private clubs to the massive internet boom thanks to the growth of online poker rooms this one over the years, it grew into a multi-billion dollar industry. “Positively Fifth Street” includes more of a personal take on the actions from McManus’ during the 2000 WSOP Main Event, with the backdrop of the murder trial of Ted Binion (which is the story he was originally sent to Vegas to cover).

Al Alvarez's “The Biggest Game in Town” is also noteworthy as the author deals about about the game before the early year 2000s that started the online boom. The book deals with the popular poker players of the older generation such as Nick the Greek, Johnny Mosse, Stu Ungar, and Doyle Brunson, so you’re not going to find any from the players that were not even born in 1983 the likes of Viktor Blom and Tom Dwan . Alvarez came up together with a variety of amazing stories, and interviews with well known poker players in the early 1980's while they made their way to Las Vegas to partake on the biggest poker games they can join. You7 can check out more resources at a great site to compare and choose honest casinos.


Online Blackjack tips that always come handy

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Online blackjack is a card game that is exciting and usually revolves around the interaction between a player and a dealer. The game which is quite popular around the world in regard to table games has a single aim which is to earn more points than the dealer thus beating him in the game. However, to consistently win in blackjack it is important to follow a number of guidelines that can be used by both beginners and those who have been playing the game for a while. there are also several variation of blackjack, for example you can play Blackjack Pontoon online, which is a different version of the regular blackjack. you can check it out at paddy power, which is one of the best sites around.

So, here are some of the best tips for online blackjack players that have been adopted by many and resulted in success include:

First, it is important to have a strategy on how to play the online game and follow it through to the end. The best plan would be to calculate the money to be spent and how much will be bet on every hand in advance so as to know the boundaries that cannot be crossed. The bets can be placed on tables that have a minimum or higher limit depending on a player’s choice.

Second, the rules that govern the bonuses offered by casinos to players of online blackjack should be taken advantage of to the maximum. These rules are sometimes given to a player as soon as they sign up while others require that the game be played for a while, which makes it important to be aware of them so as not to forfeit the bonuses.

Finally, practice online blackjack by playing regularly so as to gain the skills needed to always have higher points than the dealer. Although blackjack is a game that relies on luck, the skill level of a player is also important with the best way to do so being the use of free versions that are available on many online casinos.


Famous Roulette Players You Should Know

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Although roulette is more of a game of chance than skill, it has its share of celebrities. Numerous wannabe roulette players are inspired by hearing tales of their winnings and are struck by the stories where they got the better of the game against all odds. While most experts and professionals prefer to stick to their own systems, perfected after years of playing, most amateurs are only too pleased to follow in the footsteps of great roulette players and hope that they can beat Lady Luck and wrangle a win every time they play too.

Here is a list of a few great roulette players of all times. Do check out their feat and decide whether it will be easy for you to emulate them.

• Charle Wells

A great player who frequented the casinos of Monte Carlo, playing roulette in all its forms. He made history by winning almost 2 million francs within 48 hours.

• Joseph Jagger

A great gambler of 19th century, Joseph Jagger took his roulette game seriously indeed. In fact, he decided to invest a handsome amount in the game by hiring spectators who hung out in various casinos of Monte Carlo and reported the winning numbers to Jagger. This information came in handy one day when Joseph Jagger walked away with $400,000 thereby clinching his place in the roulette hall of fame for ever.

• Ashley Revell

Roulette players at the ‘Las Vegas Plaza Hotel’ were surprised to find a gentleman named Ashley Revell double his winnings in a matter of minutes. The Englishman placed a huge bet on red after winning $135,000 and doubled it instantly. This 2004 game of roulette was watched with bated breath by numerous other players as well as other spectators at the venue. Every minute of the game was also broadcasted to a distant audience who listened eagerly.

The Teenage Million - He knows how to bluff

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James Obst, the Australian teenager has created history by becoming a high stakes poker player after taking up the game at the age of 14. Now 19 years old, Obst has won a mammoth $1.5 million playing online poker tournaments from the comfort of his home.

A former chess champion, Obst has represented Australia at three world junior chess championships in Georgia and Greece. His friends introduced him to poker while he was on a Victorian chess tour and since then Obst started playing poker up to 10 hours a day on the Internet.

Obst started playing live poker tournaments after he turned 18 and flied to London to participate in several major poker events where he required paying $35,000 as entry fees. Obst has also tasted failure when he once lost $200,000 in a single day in poker. You can Click here for more information about James Obst and Australian casino.


Gambling online in France is Easy and Safe with Reputable Sites

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There are many European gamblers who love to get some online action, playing mostly in online casinos built specifically to their countries and language. The interesting thing about France online gambling is that not everybody can set up a casino online, and it has to be licensed and regulated in order for players to play safely online.

There was a time where gamblers play from anywhere and on any site, but that's not necessarily the smart thing to do.., as with any other industry, online gambling has good honest and reputable sites like for instance,, where playing a cash game is fun, relaxing, and if you win you know you will get the cash, And than there is the other site of bad sites where customer satisfaction is not their top priority.

That is why lawmakers in France decided to tackle the issue and to avoid unnecessary complications, granted just few online bookies, the license to operate an online gambling site in France, and to make sure, gamblers in France operate in a safe manner, where everything is under control.

Some ways to play and win casino games..try it.

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Casino games are, in fact, fun to play. However, you can lose a lot of money, especially if you don’t know how to win this games. The following are some ways to win casino games and make some money at cools sites like party casino.

The first thing you need to do to win these games is to know all the rules . Once you've mastered the rules of various casino games then you can concentrate on perfecting them at, and apply to get an edge over your opponents. You can easily get the strategies by observing other master players, by asking for tips from experienced players or professionals, or you can just discover them by yourself practicing the casino games.

If you wish to win you need to practice the games you play. Just like other sports, the casino games too can be mastered by practicing and no one can stop you from winning.


The level of competition in poker increased dramatically

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Poker is widely known as an everyman game, but in recent year, the level of competition in live and online poker has rivaled that of many professional sports. As a result, it is no surprise that many football stars have decided to take their chances at the game of poker. Today, let's look at four football players that have tried their hand in poker.

Gigi Buffon, goalkeeper for Juventus, is probably the most famous active football player to try his hand at the game. The superstar goalie has shown tremendous prowess at the tables and has even been signed to a deal with online poker site While Buffon has not made any major scores in live events as of yet, it is likely just a matter of time.

Former Irish National player Tony Cascarino is probably the most successful former football player turned poker pro. In the course of his poker career, he has won over $589,000 in live tournaments. Among the wins he has notched in his belt includes the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Grand Final in London in 2008 which won him $283,000.

One of Spain's most beloved football stars, Poli Rincon, is another former football player that is trying his hand at poker. The former Real Madrid and Real Betis star took up the game in 1990 and has appeared in many high profile events around the world. PokerStars also signed Rincon to their Friend of PokerStars list and sponsor him in various live events.


Bingo Versus Poker

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Online poker is the all-star gambling game of the internet. The estimated worth is estimated to reach almost four billion Euros by the end of 2015. Bingo is current at almost two billion currently, a billion behind poker, but will it ever catch up?

Why is Poker more popular?

There are a few reasons that mean poker has a bigger share of the online gambling market. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, people put more money into a single poker game, spend longer playing that game, and potentially win much more money (depending on their initial deposit. While there have been very many cases of bingo players winning cash prizes at, big prizes in poker are much more common.

There is also a bigger skill element to poker: players have to consider cards that have already been played, along with a complex series of percentages that will indicate their chances of winning. It’s this complex edge that could be keeping it at the top of the game.

How does bingo match up to that?

Online bingo approaches a very different type of gambler than poker. It was previously seen as men versus women divide, but there’s nothing more than outdated stereotypes dictating that. Although there are more men in poker and more women in Bingo, they are both loved by everyone. There is much less skill needed to play bingo online. There’s no need to hide what number you have, there are no percentages other than how many bingo cards you should have, but at the same time the prizes are lower. This makes it more fun than poker, especially when you look at poker on a professional level, which is a lot more folding than you’d imagine from its glorified image.

Is one better than the other?