Super Gaming Combines Bingo, Slots and Casino Games

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It’s a phrase coined by mobile slots and games enthusiasts worldwide but what exactly does the term “super gaming” mean? We’ve looked at some of the top UK slot sites for answers including Slotsquad, an independent casino review website and games investigator. As it so happens “super gaming” could well be the combination of various game areas to widen the entertainment field for players. “It’s about keeping people in one place, with one brand and without the need for player migration” said Keith Merton during a recent multi-gaming discussion forum. So who provides “super gaming” and what do players need to know?

What we discovered during our analysis of several leading online casinos and slot sites, especially UK slot sites, was that games capacity was no longer increasing in just one direction, but multiple directions. You can now play online bingo in top casinos for instance, but also slots and roulette at the best bingo sites, it’s called “super gaming” and it’s the combination of cross-field games. Going back five years, it was the sports betting brands that first moved towards the “super gaming monopoly” as online bookmakers held more cards, and still do with their sports betting and “bet anything” solutions. What players need to know is that websites with the best “super gaming” potential will hold the best games variety, but necessarily the best bonus package.

It’s at this point that combining bingo, slots and casino games for the ultimate experience forces smaller and less able competitors to do more with their bonus and promotion firepower to counter “super gaming”. This is a very interesting point and puts emphasis on new casinos and mobile slot sites that will be stretching to do more for new members choosing to play their games, and not the super power gaming brands.

In summary, there are both good and bad points to the “super gaming” paradox that will undoubtedly direct the course of online casinos, bingo sites and slot networks for years to come. Yes it’s amazing to have all the games you need under one roof, but if the bonuses and promotions dry up, because the top brands no longer need to compete, whilst at the same time the smaller sites without “super gaming” muscle will work harder to impress players. At, the review team specialises in identifying both “super gaming” and smaller “non-super gaming” platforms so players can make up their own minds or get the best of both worlds. You can find out more information here along with bonuses and new game release reviews from Slotsquad.

Best Online Casinos You Need to Check Out

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With their being so many different online casino websites available for players right now, such as dazzle casino for instance, it is understandable when you end up a member of several sites at once. When this happens, it can become quite difficult to keep track of everything to make sure that you are getting the most out of them. Not only that, but there is also the risk that you will miss out on some impressive VIP bonuses simply by playing on one website.

If you want to find the best online casino for you, then you will need to compare what the different sites you are using have to offer. Here we will look at the key features you need to compare in order to find the best casinos for you.

Range Of Games

If you are a big online casino gamer, then you will naturally want the biggest range of games that you can get hold of. Some sites are able to offer a massive range of games that span from online slot machine games to live video poker games. Depending on what kind of game you enjoy the most, one site may have a lot more to offer when it comes to the games you most like to play.

Have a look through all the different sites you are using and see which ones offer the highest amount of games that you enjoy. If you enjoy the vast majority of online casino games, then simply look and see who has the biggest range of games and who updates the range of games available the most. For most people this is the most important factor, so it could easily influence you final decision.

Promotions And Bonuses

While welcome bonuses are very appealing, it is important to take the other promotions and bonuses that are on offer when making your decision about which online casino website to use. Some sites only offer the occasional promotion, while others like to update theirs as often as once a week.

Depending on how much promotions and bonuses are able to influence your decision, you should look and see who offers the widest range. You should also look at the details in the bonuses and promotions to see if they are likely to be something that you will want to take advantage of. Then also look and see how often you will access a new bonus.

Another interesting factor to take into account is when these bonuses become available. For example, some sites will offer a specific kind of promotion on every Tuesday. If Tuesday is the day that you are more likely to play, then this could well be a very important factor to take into account. After all, the last thing that you want is to sign up for a site that has a great bonus but it's only available on a day when you never get the chance to play.

Mummies Bingo Top Choice for Online Bingo Players

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Despite its short year in the online bingo sector, Mummies Bingo is fast becoming one of the most popular places to play. This is due to its top bingo games, side games, promotions and much more that if rewards its players with.

Newbies by far get the best end of the deal at Mummies Bingo, with a free no deposit bonus on signup. There’s no reason not to try out the site with £15 free just for joining up. And that’s just for starters, as there are plenty of big money bonuses for those who do make a deposit to the site. First deposits are met with a 500% bonus; second deposits see 350% added, and all third deposits to the site come with a 300% bonus added.

However once in the door players continue to stay at Mummies Bingo thanks to the vast selection of games on offer. Just about every bingo game under the sun can be played here, with rooms featuring the traditional 75 ball and 90 ball versions of bingo, rooms with 80 ball, 50 ball and 30 ball bingo, BOGOF ticket offers, penny bingo and even free bingo! Plus with a wide range of slots, casino titles and scratch cards to choose from, players are spoilt for choice here.

As a Cozy Games bingo site, Mummies Bingo comes with all the perks of great monthly promotions, helpful live support whenever players need it and a fully mobile optimised bingo site meaning players can get their bingo fix whenever and wherever they please. This is a top selling point for all those mummies out there, as we know that free time for parents to play things like bingo is rare and precious! .

Famous Roulette Players You Should Know

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Although roulette is more of a game of chance than skill, it has its share of celebrities. Numerous wannabe roulette players are inspired by hearing tales of their winnings and are struck by the stories where they got the better of the game against all odds. While most experts and professionals prefer to stick to their own systems, perfected after years of playing, most amateurs are only too pleased to follow in the footsteps of great roulette players and hope that they can beat Lady Luck and wrangle a win every time they play too.

Here is a list of a few great roulette players of all times. Do check out their feat and decide whether it will be easy for you to emulate them.

• Charle Wells

A great player who frequented the casinos of Monte Carlo, playing roulette in all its forms. He made history by winning almost 2 million francs within 48 hours.

• Joseph Jagger

A great gambler of 19th century, Joseph Jagger took his roulette game seriously indeed. In fact, he decided to invest a handsome amount in the game by hiring spectators who hung out in various casinos of Monte Carlo and reported the winning numbers to Jagger. This information came in handy one day when Joseph Jagger walked away with $400,000 thereby clinching his place in the roulette hall of fame for ever.

• Ashley Revell

Roulette players at the ‘Las Vegas Plaza Hotel’ were surprised to find a gentleman named Ashley Revell double his winnings in a matter of minutes. The Englishman placed a huge bet on red after winning $135,000 and doubled it instantly. This 2004 game of roulette was watched with bated breath by numerous other players as well as other spectators at the venue. Every minute of the game was also broadcasted to a distant audience who listened eagerly.


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Any seasoned punter knows that horserace betting isn't an exact science and, in all honestly, that is half the fun. Ultimately, the thrill is in the risk. The knowledge that fate can lift you up or slam down is intrinsic to the excitement of the whole enterprise. However, equally, nobody is going to go around saying you should leave everything to chance. Nobody ever became a successful better by being reckless and impulsive.

No, when it comes to being profitable when betting, one needs to mix instinct and fearlessness with experience and knowledge. Research really is key, and the more you do, the better your chances will be. Now, anyone could tell you that knowing current odds and being aware of recent withdrawals – such as Carlingford Lough’s recent ruling-out - should be your first port of call, for any potential bet. But, when it comes to picking the most likely winner, there is so much further down the rabbit hole you can, and should, go. So, here are some more intricate, and unusual, things to research about both horse and jockey before you put your money on the table.

Winning DNA

Whilst a horse having a winning pedigree is no guarantee to its success, it certainly isn't detrimental to that very same stallion having winning DNA in its blood. Often, punters are so focused on jockeys, trainers and breeders, they discount the importance of a rich bloodline. However, whilst these professionals are integral to sculpting the animal, their success is somewhat dependent on the clay – so to speak – they have to work with.

For example, Welsh National winner Dream Alliance was bred by a pub landlady, who previously had only raised Whippets, and was trained in a slag heap allotment. However, Dream Alliance came from a long line of champions with his sire and grandsire, Bien Bien and Manila respectively, both being extremely successful Grade 1 steeplechaser in America.

A Match Made In Heaven

Factoring in the dual achievements of jockey and horse is a natural part of betting. Every punter worth his salt knows that the horse is only as good as the jockey that rides them and, almost, vice-versa. However, just because a successful jockey and a tried-and-tested champion horse join forces, does not always mean that victory is assured.

It is wise, when contemplating betting on a new partnership, to see how the jockey has performed with a horse of this breed, age and temperament before. It is all well and good having a world-class jockey who has had great successes riding young mares, but how is he going do with a more mature grey?

A Clean Bill Of Health

Long Run was one of the outside favourites for this year's Grand National, with odds of 25/1, having had a successful 2014 season. However, it was announced this month that Long Run would not be competing, this year, due to him not yet recovering from injuries sustained a year ago, whilst being transported back to France.

Horses may be imposing and strong animals but that doesn't mean they are infallible. Whilst professional athletes can often comeback from injury and return to form, when it comes to horses this is a much more tricky proposition. Trainers cannot regulate their horses behaviour to the point that they can maximise the animal's chances of recovery. Simply put, horses don't know that they shouldn't move or act in a certain way to avoid inflaming an injury, so they are much more likely to relapse.

Moreover, owners and promoters are unlikely to want to acknowledge the extent of a horses injury, for various reasons, so it is wise to be careful when considering betting on a horse that has had injuries either recently or repeatedly.

On The Right Side Of History

Although there may sometimes be no rhyme or reason as to why more often than not a certain type of horse or jockey wins more frequently at a certain event, this shouldn't mean that a punter can't roll with it. If, historically, there has been some statistically or logistically proven element at play which means a horse is more or less likely to win, consider it in your decision-making.

For example, since the Grand Nationals' inception in 1839 only 12 mares have won the event, and the last of them was in the 1950s. So, if you're planning to bet on a long-shot outsider – hoping for a big payoff for the risk – maybe it is best to, at least, pick one whose bread has been victorious at the event in the last half a decade..

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