You’ve got 2 things to think about if you are a casino enthusiast who is trying to make a deposit at an online casino. First, you need to look for the best online casino (Great source: Casinomartini. Next, you also have to find the best online casino deposit methods to transfer your funds.

Thus, to help you, we’ve compiled a full guide on the best online casino deposit methods which suit your personal banking needs.


  • PayPal


PayPal was established in 1998. When it comes to paying for services and goods online, it has become a widely known name. It is the favorite way to pay across the globe.


  • Neteller


There are several deposit options that match Neteller when it comes to secure and fast withdrawing and deposit.


  • Zimpler


Zimpler was founded in 2016. It is a Swedish mobile deposit option that’s ideal for every individual who plays on the go since you could make every single deposit through mobile.


  • MasterCard


There are only several individuals in the world who have not heard of this deposit option. Aside from being offered from almost every online casino, there’s no more reliable deposit method on the net than this.


  • American Express


American Express has a history which spans back to the mid-19th century. It is one of the acknowledged methods of deposit. This company is taking care of almost 25% of all transactions in America. This means that there is really nothing to prevent you from playing with the use of this method.


  • Visa


A lot of individuals across the world use their Visa to pay for every transaction they will have, such as electricity and water bills. Thus, it is no wonder why a lot of people use Visa when making a deposit in an online casino.


  • Check


Even though a lot of individuals no longer utilize check to make deposits, it is one of the main options for people who do not trust online deposit methods.


  • WireCard


Wirecard is currently gaining a lot of attention in Europe nowadays. This is thanks to their fast and secure transactions that work just like a credit card.


  • Bank Wire


If you are one of those players who love to roll high, then the best deposit method for you is Bank Wire. This is because large amounts of cash can be deposited and withdrawn with the use of Bank Wire network.


  • Citadel Instant Banking


Citadel banking was established in 2000. This method of deposit is not like the others. This is because it utilizes the personal mode of online banking for their clients to make a deposit.


  • eCheck


eCheck is the internet version of the traditional check. It provides players the chance to utilize a deposit method they are already comfortable with. Another benefit of using this method is that players could utilize it to make online deposits.


  • EcoPayz Online Casinos


Even though it is not available for gamblers in the United States, it provides services to every country in the world. You could utilize EcoPayz to send money to friends and family as well.

Newcomers to betting on football will tend to recognise it as being an easy hobby with the benefit of some hefty returns. Although this is mostly true, the ability to land winning football bets takes more skill than many would realise. One of the primary downfalls for those who are narrowly missing out on landing their football bets is the lack of variety with the leagues and betting markets they’re betting on.

By introducing a larger selection of football teams to bet on and opening your eyes to the many different markets with their own perks, you could significantly strengthen your football tips. Betting on football is one of the most popular gambling activities, with it only being matched by the extensive coverage of horse racing. Both football and horse racing see a mass of bets placed every day, so knowing how to bet on them successfully is crucial before having a try yourself.

Betting on foreign football leagues

Even more experienced punters will tend to stick to betting on a couple of specific football leagues rather than considering divisions they aren’t as knowledgeable about. This is somewhat advised, as it’s always preferable to bet on football teams you’re more clued up on, but with lots of teams who constantly win their fixtures across the pond in Europe and America, it seems like a lost opportunity to boost the odds on your football tips.

Opportunities to back football tips for today that revolve around more than just English football can be hard to find but FootyAccumulators offer a service in providing recommended bets on likely outcomes from across the world. Their football accumulators include all English leagues, as well as the major football leagues across Spain, Italy, France, Germany, France, and any other country where they see a team who stand a good chance of winning their next game.

Bookmaker markets for football

Another method of heightening your chances in the football tips you place money on, is through delving into other outcomes away from the traditional win market. This could be Both Teams To Score, Over 2.5 Goals, or Handicap markets, with it all depending on how likely you see a specific outcome.

Bookmakers always look to provide new ways to bet on football, leading to a point where you can now back practically any possible outcome from any available game. There’s a larger number of punters involved in betting on football, and it’s clear to see why, with such a variety of betting markets and football leagues to bet on.

James Bond and his escapades might be fictional characters but the game of baccarat is as real as you and me. This is a real game in which punters play for real money prizes.

Bond at Online Casinos

While you will probably find a casino game or two based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond it might be some time before we see the spy playing casino games at south africa online casino . The creators of the movies have so far tried to stick as much as possible to Fleming’s stories. They have been really conservative with what they add to the movies. And so far the spy loves to play casino games, baccarat in particular.

Following the Trends

Although the James Bond filmmakers are essentially traditionalists they have been moving with the times. In the movie Casino Royale, the game of Baccarat is substituted with No limit Texas Hold Em Poker. 007 plays the game wins against the villain of the movie Le Chiffre.

This means that there is a possibility to see the most famous MI7 agent playing baccarat at an online casinos. Of course, there has to be a huge trend that the movie directors will be following. There is something that could make all this happen a little quicker. VR

Playing  VR Baccarat

Already many of the top internet casinos offer live games. These are a special kind of casino game that is played in a live set-up with a real croupier and other opponents. All the action happens in real time. One of the top games that gamblers can enjoy in this format is online baccarat.

There is a lot of work being done to perfect the Virtual Reality experience. At the very same time, online casino game developers are working frantically to make sure that they have VR games ready soon. Therefore we are now only months, not years, away from playing VR baccarat. Who knows even James Bond might join the table for a hand or two.

In the world of online poker apps, one game is pretty much like any other—or at least that’s how it used to be. But then PokerStars released the new version of their app last October and turned the game on its head. Their all-new app includes everything you would expect from the world’s largest online poker platform, plus a few things you certainly wouldn’t expect (and that would get you thrown out of most games!).

The PokerStars mobile App has been downloaded over 100,000 times on the Google Play site alone, and it seems to be going down well with players. Seventy-two percent of reviewers on Google Play have given it 4 or 5 stars, and it’s received an average rating of 4½ stars from 10,586 reviews on the App Store. Of course, there are still the usual moaners who wail that ‘it’s not fair’, but then again that’s been true of every poker game since the invention of cards!

Alongside all of the usual features you’ll find on every poker site, including a range of game formats, competitions, tournaments and stakes, the PokerStars app gives you a few really original extras.

First of all, you can play online on the train to work and win the chance to play for real at one of their big money tournaments in the Caribbean or Monte Carlo. You can also play for big money on the app, which makes some major tournaments available online. There are games that start around the clock, and—just as importantly—there’s 24-hour tech support to keep you at the table when your technology lets you down.

But by far the most enjoyable feature of the new app is the Power Up games, which are set in a future where the normal rules of poker no longer apply. This is the poker equivalent of fantasy football; you can pick your cards and change the game in ways that give you the kinds of hands you’ve never dreamed of. With Power Up, you can change your Texas Hold‘em hole cards, peek at what is next in the deck, and even get a hint of what your opponents are holding in their hands. You can swap the community cards for something more useful and even destroy the ones you don’t need so that they don’t help other people.

It might sound a bit gimmicky and pointless at first, but it can be fun to play with some decent cards for a change instead of constantly folding or struggling with a low pair in the vain hope of victory. The makers describe it as ‘supercharged poker’ with ‘game-changing powers’. And why not? After all, statistically, you’d have to play twenty hands a day—every day of your life—to get dealt a royal flush. So, wouldn’t it be good to know what to do with it in the off chance that it ever happened to you?

We’ve all had plenty of experience at losing, but if you’re not prepared, winning can be just as testing. Power Up gives you the chance to experience what it is like to get some good hands. As a result, when that golden run of form finally does come along, you’ll know how to cope and make the most of it, helping you to maintain that all-important poker face. At the end of the day, no app will ever truly replace the thrill of meeting eyeball-to-eyeball across the green baize, but if you are going to play online, you might as well enjoy yourself while you are doing it!


It’s been over a century since the first ever slot machine, Charles Fey’s iconic Liberty Bell, was invented. And whilst modern online slots are practically unrecognisable from the machines of Fey’s time, the excitement of playing has never lost it’s spark.

In fact, with over 28 million of us now choosing to play online, it seems the thrill of the slot machine only ever gets better.

It just takes a quick look at one of today’s online casinos like to see what all the hype’s about. These sites can pack in over 500 of the latest and greatest slot games, ready for you to enjoy at the click of a button or the swipe of a screen. From all the classic titles once featured on real casino floors (like Cleopatra and Rainbow Rainbow) to games based on your favourite blockbusters (such as Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World, Rocky and Top Gun), there really is something for everyone in the current slot market.

But the number of games is not the only thing that makes modern slot players so lucky.

Being digitalised means online slots can be designed with more bonus features than the mechanical Liberty Bell could ever dream of. Bonus features are extras specifically built into the game to enhance the player’s experience and make it more lucrative.

If you’re only just starting out as a slot player, it’s a good idea to try and familiarise yourself with the kinds of bonus features available in today’s slots. Not only will this help you decide which slots are likely to prove most rewarding when choosing one to play, but it’ll also help you make the most of these features when they do appear as you’re spinning.

Scan your eyes over our handy guide below to get quickly up to speed with the basics of slot game features.