We have seen several Hollywood movies featuring the main actor playing poker. However, if industry reports are to be believed there is buzz that there is going to be an entire movie dedicated to the game of poker.

The stars of the movie are yet to be finalized but it is going to be a big budget movie where the entire theme of the movie will be centralized around the game of poker. If it hit the floors, it will be the first such movie to have poker as its central theme with actors playing poker champs and their lives revolving around poker games, prizes and tournaments.

Whether or not such a movie is in the making, the poker lovers are surely to love the movie as they will identify themselves in the movie and can easily empathize with the characters portrayed in the movie.

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When an individual is first getting familiar with betting online, there are numerous questions that they might have in the beginning which will need to be answered. After all, the goal is to learn as much as possible before actually starting to risk any money. Here are several of the most common FAQs that beginners often ask.

"How and where does a person get started before betting online?" Education is always the first step followed by FREE betting online in order to familiarize oneself with the concept and start out safely without risking the loss of any money.

"Is betting online legal?" Depending on what country the person lives in, the answer is yes and no. Different countries and jurisdictions have different laws about internet gambling and in some cases, it may be against the law.

"Is there certain software required?" There are a number of download-based and web-based casinos where anyone can engage in betting online. Those sites that are download-based require the person to save their applications on their computers, whereas those which are web-based operate by virtue of their own programs and it is simply a matter of using an username and password to log on and off.

"What online casino is best for the beginner?" This depends on what it is that they are hoping to accomplish by betting online. Needless to say, there are literally hundreds of internet casinos where a person can play and wager. Each one has different bonuses, games, requirements, and themes so the individual will have to make that decision based on what they are searching for.

"Is betting online safe and secure?" For the most part, the answer to that question is a resounding "yes!" In fact and in most instances, it is considerably safer than betting at a "brick and mortar" or land-based casino.

The bottom line is that the individual needs to do their homework if they are going to gamble over the internet at any online casino. Remember, the more knowledge of the industry that the person has, the better they will be at betting online.