The recent win of Paris Hilton has brought her enough confidence and it is predicted that she is practicing enough to beat poker legend. There is speculation that the recent win of Paris Hilton in a Las Vegas Casino has prompted the hotel heiress to take casino games seriously and she is looking to make the most out of her recent luck that she had got in the casino games.

The obsession of celebrities with casinos and casino games is not new. Several celebrities have started playing casino games just with one win in their kitty as they always want to try their luck in the gambling wins. Much to their benefit they have the money with them, which allows them to gamble in an online casino as well as offline.

If the latest buzz in the casino industry is to be believed then people will soon become champions of poker. It is believed that an established app developer is soon to come with a poker strategy app that will provide the poker players with all the inside secrets of making it big in the poker world. Check out here all the poker applications online.

Currently, the poker industry is gaining a lot of popularity among the gambling games lovers. However, not all are able to make a mark in the industry as they fail to use the strategies that help to win in poker. The app is being developed with the intention of helping these players, is surely to become one of the most downloadable apps in the mobile industry, and is surely going to take the concept of poker to the next level.

There is nothing new with association of famous people with gambling and casino games. However, there was buzz that 2008 Republican Presidential candidate McCain was a compulsive gambler and continues to visit the Las Vegas casino trip.

There were reports that McCain used to play casino games with very long nights of drinking and gambling. He ultimately gave up drinking but still remains a compulsive gambler. His love was for craps as he played 14 hours straight getting addicted to the craps.

The Presidential candidate once lost his cool while playing at a crap table and allegedly shouted at a woman who reportedly tossed his arm. John McCain always kept his love for casino games secret during his run for the Presidential elections but could not manage to hide it all and now every one knows about the Senator’s love for gambling.

It’s not uncommon for an unusual situation to spring up in a poker game and very often, players are not familiar with the odd rules that may or may not apply. However, when someone’s money is at stake, there must be a fair way to break a deadlock.

In this article, we’ll look at a three odd poker situations and what rules apply to resolve them. sometimes when play free video poker these rules can also apply:

1. All-in scenarios

• An all-in where two players have different amounts – Here, the amount of the small stack is taken from the big stack into the pot, and the big-stack player gets the difference.

• All-in short stack against two players – In a scenario like this, the short stark, the blinds, and the short stark amount from each of the bigger stack is put in the main pot. Each player is entitled to win. The two side players may now bet and play normally into a side pot if they are entitled to win.

• All-in for multiple players – In this poker situation, various side pots have to be made. A main pot should be made as explained above, and then the process should be repeated for the next smallest stack. Repeat the process for all stacks but ensure that you track every pot and the player entitled to it.

2. Cashing out half chips

A lot of players wonder if it’s permissible to cash out half of their chips. The short answer is no. In a cash game, you either play all or none. It’s against poker rules to cash out part of your chips (stack). However, you can cash out your entire stack and then wait for a definite period before resuming your seat.

3. Buying more casino chips from another player

This is more or less the same thing as cashing out part of your stack (going south) and it’s generally viewed as bad etiquette. The chips that the new player would be buying are effectively lost for the table. Chips should be bought from the house or dealer, and for a home game, all transactions are handled by one person.

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