The world of online gambling can be a little confusing at first glance. It’s an onslaught of numbers, odds, possible outcomes, bonuses, and more. It’s second-nature to most gamblers and as a result they tend to take it for granted. But if you’re new, that familiarity can seem like a long way away. To try and change that and help you become accustomed to betting online, here is an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) plucked straight from the minds of beginner gamblers.

Where Can I Learn to Gamble?

Education is always the first step, followed by FREE betting online in order to familiarize oneself with the concept and avoid losing cash. You can find all kinds of guides on this site to help you out with everything from poker hand value odds to betting on European football

It also helps to just get stuck in and learn as you go. In this case, however, we recommend using Practice Mode. This mode is offered by many casinos and on most slots. It will let you play using free credits and there is no risk of losing real money. Of course, you won't win any real cash either, but you will learn how things work and that could prove invaluable down the line.

FAQs relating to online casinos and online gambling

Is Betting Online Legal?

Depending on what country the person lives in, the answer may be yes or no. Different countries and jurisdictions have different laws about internet gambling and in some cases, it may be against the law.

There are some loop holes to consider as well. For instance, gambling may be restricted and unregulated in Country A, but gamblers can get around this by using a site licensed in Country B. However, this is only true if Country A is in somewhat of a legal grey area, similar to what Canada was in for many years, and not if it has strictly outlawed online gambling, as was the case with the USA for a long period of time.

Are Online Casinos Legitimate?

The online casino industry is one of the most tightly regulated industries the world, but it’s understandable why so many people distrust it. It’s hard to accept the idea that a website is being honest when receiving your money, as it’s so easy for them to unfairly turn the tables in their favour.

This distrust is cemented when players go on a losing streak, after which they start believing that the game has been rigged against them.

But there are a few things to consider here. Firstly, the games are provided by third-party developers who have little vested interest in whether you win or lose. Secondly, casinos and developers are tightly regulated and audited. If they were found to be rigging the games (and if they were doing it, they would most certainly be found out) they could face big fines, suspensions and even lawsuits.

Finally, and most importantly, the house always wins. A player might win in the short term, but the casino knows that for every player who wins, a dozen more will lose and they will always come out on top. In other words, online gambling is already a license to print money for the casinos, why would they jeopardise this by being greedy for a few extra dollars?

How Do I Know the Games are Fair?

Although most casinos are fair and safe, there are a few rogues in the mix. These casinos tend not to last for long, however, as they are usually blacklisted very quickly and they are also rarely regulated.

To see if a casino is legit or not, run the following checks:


Look for a regulator. The biggest ones are based in Europe, including the UK, Malta and Sweden, but there are also regulators in Curacao.

2. Auditor

The best and fairest casinos are independently audited by companies like eCogra, details of which can be found in the footer of the website.

3. Games

Some developers are safer and fairer than others. Most developers are sound, but some, including RealTime Gaming (RTG), allow casinos to tweak payouts and this should be cause for concern with players.

Tips for gambling on online casinos with questions and answers

Is Certain Software Required?

There are a number of download-based and web-based casinos where anyone can engage in betting online. Those sites that are download-based require the person to save their applications on their computers, whereas those which are web-based operate by virtue of their own programs and it is simply a matter of using an username and password to log on and off.

Download casinos used to be standard across the online casino industry, but players grew tired of them. They were filled with bloatware and this, in addition to a number of security scares and scams, led to a major distrust on behalf of consumers. This wasn't really anything to do with the gambling sites and was simply down to a few bad actors, but it forever tarnished their reputation and led to download casinos becoming a thing of the past.

How Much Do I Need to Gamble?

This is entirely down to you. Casinos embrace players of all stake levels. This is not necessarily the case for land-based casinos, where you need to gamble at least a few dollars a hand to get a seat at the table and where small-stake players are resigned to the slot section. But in online casinos the stake levels vary considerably.

There are slots that will let you play for as little as €0.01 per spin. You may need to reduce the number of pay lines to achieve this stake level and it’s not available on all slots, but it’s there more often than not.

It’s worth noting, however, that you will need to deposit a minimum amount that ranges from €5 to €20.

What Online Casino is Best for the Beginner?

This depends on what it is that they are hoping to accomplish by betting online. Needless to say, there are literally hundreds of internet casinos where a person can play and wager. Each one has different bonuses, games, requirements, and themes so the individual will have to make that decision based on what they are searching for.

Is Betting Online Safe and Secure?

For the most part, the answer to that question is a resounding "yes!" In fact and in most instances, it is considerably safer than betting at a "brick and mortar" or land-based casino. They use advanced SSL certificates and safety protocols to ensure that every transaction and every game is 100% safe and secure. This is true whether you're playing Live Casino games or old-school online slot machines.