Online poker is the all-star gambling game of the internet. The estimated worth is estimated to reach almost four billion Euros by the end of 2015. Bingo is current at almost two billion currently, a billion behind poker, but will it ever catch up?

Why is Poker more popular?

There are a few reasons that mean poker has a bigger share of the online gambling market. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, people put more money into a single poker game, spend longer playing that game, and potentially win much more money (depending on their initial deposit. While there have been very many cases of bingo players winning cash prizes at bingo sites, big prizes in poker are much more common.

There is also a bigger skill element to poker: players have to consider cards that have already been played, along with a complex series of percentages that will indicate their chances of winning. It’s this complex edge that could be keeping it at the top of the game.

How does bingo match up to that?

Online bingo approaches a very different type of gambler than poker. It was previously seen as men versus women divide, but there’s nothing more than outdated stereotypes dictating that. Although there are more men in poker and more women in Bingo, they are both loved by everyone. There is much less skill needed to play bingo online. There’s no need to hide what number you have, there are no percentages other thas how many bingo cards you should have, but at the same time the prizes are lower. This makes it more fun than poker, especially when you look at poker on a professional level, which is a lot more folding than you’d imagine from its glorified image.

Is one better than the other?

It’s impossible to try and say that one is clearly better than the other, the only real different is what the individual wants from the game. Bingo players tend to be fun-loving people, who are more interested in the social and hobby element of the game than the big wins. Because of this there are a lot of sites like, which let you add your webcam for the added social elements. The high-monetary value of online poker tends to attract more serious gamblers who are interested in applying their skill and intelligence to get a chance of winning big money.