When it comes to online games, online slots are a big success among most of the gamblers. They’re so popular, there are even online casinos that provide only slot games. However, this piece of new technology is still a bit taboo, because many people consider gambling online (gambling generally) as something bad.

- These are particularly games too, even if they are casino-based. There is still some cool technology behind them, something many users might find very easy. The odds of the games are based on Random Number Generators and this piece of tech is used in almost all of the casino games, especially in the slots.

 - Talking about UK slots, there are certain casinos they can’t access due to the law regulations. Therefore, special online casinos were created, such as BellFruit casino, which can provide gamblers with all the slot games they like, they never heard of or they just want to test out.

-  These slots are very easy to play and they don’t require special rules. It’s easy to understand a slot game and it’s much easier to play it online. All you need to do is to click here and there and poof! You have your spin made already! And with some luck, you might also win a bonus game!

- If you don’t know anything about bonus games, they’re pretty much present in every slot game. Some of them have different features, but most of them reward the player with free spins. Now depending on the game, you might get 10, 20 or 30. Who knows, maybe even more.

Another cool feature of the games is the gamble feature. This one is present in 90% of the slot games. Here you can gamble with your winnings. Depending on the types of slot that you are playing, you will have to choose from two options and if you guess the right one, you will double your winnings.

Also, regarding the types of slots, you can choose between classic slots (such as the ones you see at real slot machines) or video slots (these are improved versions of the classic ones, with added features that will allow the player to win a lot).

There are a lot of games in the Bellfruit casino, but their slots are some of the best games. Many UK gambler play there and love those slots, especially Lucky Lady’s Charm!