The increasing popularity in the game of poker has grown dramatically in recent years. there are many poker tournaments which air on T.V like the world series of poker (which is the biggest of them all) or the world poker tour. There are many famous poker players who lives and earn greatly from being a professional poker player, and there is the Internet.. there are thousands of poker sites or casino sites such as bet bind which offer poker games online and it seems everyday more are joining the crowd, so how can you know where to play ?

This is a very big question, as your poker playing experience can be wonderful one, but it can also be a disaster. A poker site, where money is involved needs to be secure. that's the first thing o the list. It needs to be regulated, as many people use their credit card to start playing, and you do not want you card to be in a no secure site. Than, there is credibility, meaning if you won, will you get your earning ??, it also needs to be fun, that means the user experience and user interface needs to be flawless. It needs to Krystal clear you game position, hands, chips, as well as the rest of the table.

There are several ways to know how to choose a reliable and respectable poker site. First, there are forums and sites who posts reviews of actual players, who provide their impression from a certain site. There are sites that actually ranks other sites. you can actually see their opinion on the top ten poker sites available online. This ranks is best on a large number of factors, including players experience, user interface, level of games and design, reliability, security, regulates rules and many many other factors. combining all the factors, can provide with a pretty accurate picture of the site and it's establishment.

Playing poker should be fun, even if you lose some in the process. there are rely great sites out there who care about their customers and will protect them, as good customer service, is good business. but there are off course other sites, really bad one, who all they care about is, well simply put, take your money away.., as you protect your self in many other areas of life, you should protect yourself here even more so. you can gain many things by playing in good protected sites, and you can lose plenty if not careful..