Playing on slots is pretty accessible for new beginners, it’s a simple case of dropping a coin and pulling a lever either in real life or online. But if you don’t know what the different parts of the game are called it can be hard to fully grasp what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve got this short animation that breaks down the key terms you need to understand how the game works and what the different parts are called. There are other terms you might run into, but we’re keeping things simple with this one as an introduction for the beginners. The most important term probably is pay-line. This is the axis that the symbols need to align to for the machine to pay out any money.

This is usually the flat horizontal one like you’d expect but some machines offer multiple pay-lines which all have different rates of pay out and access to them might depend on how much money you put in. Of course, the maximum amount you can win is a fairly common term by now, one you’ve more than likely come across. It’s called the Jackpot! And if you hit the jackpot, you know that you’ve won it big. For a more complete break down of how play works, read on.