If you have taken part in laying online poker for a long time, you will mostly have heard reports about the fairness or lack thereof in some of the rooms where they are played. There isn’t a single poker room on the Internet that will tell you they operate a rigged system or software. It is upon you as a player to check out from other sources whether this site is fixed or good and reputable. If the online casino has never submitted its software for rigorous testing by the relevant authorities, it could be time for you to check elsewhere lest they end up defrauding you of your cash.

Software used to play online poker must operate using a random system. It is the randomness of the system that gets manipulated by a few online casinos to give them an unfair advantage over their clients. This is what you must watch out for. As a matter of fact, a recent study carried out by a popular poker forum asked online poker players whether they thought these games were fair or fixed. The result was quite interesting where the number of those who believed the system was fixed was the same as those with the belief that the system is fair.

If this question is to be answered as objectively as possible, it may be wise to ask whether the random number generator is as random as advertised or not. Bad beats and suck outs are considered to be regular occurrences when playing online poker. However, the moment they seem to be more regular than necessary, then thoughts of people shift immediately to the likelihood that they are being defrauded. If you notice this tendency with the online casino where you play poker, you should ask them for an explanation, or walk away while you can. you can get more info and news about poker here, among others resources.