The Los Angeles Lakers showed good performance by storming into the 2012 playoffs. However, the Lakers were easily out from the second round by the Oklahoma City Thunder who went on to the NBA Finals (and lost to the Heat..). This has brought the team management to ponder over the future of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The team management seriously needs to consider, which players would not be returning for the next season and which players will stage a comeback. It is believed that the Lakers are seriously considering bringing in Dwight Howard who was vetoed by the Magic, which still hopes to retain the All Star center. These rumors are seriously going to get bigger and bigger until the Lakers will be able to pull of a trade which will strengthen the team with dominant center, along with former MVP Steve Nash, who already joined Koby for the next 3 years. Most sportsbook review clearly shows a great edge for the Lakers chances with Nash to bring in yest another championship, and even greater odds if a Dwight Howard deal will indeed take place.

Only time will tell, which player is out and who gets a position in the team, who did well to get into the playoffs this season, but the Lakers certainly know their business and always placed their team in a position to win. Now.