Net Entertainment has blessed us with the online slots version of one of the best TV cartoon series ever made - South Park. One only has to play South Park slotsto remember the best of the comedy series and all the wierd and wonderful things we loved about the avrious characters, who by the way, asre all included in the online slots game! It is a five reel, twenty five payline slots video machine which has some great bonus features which always brings a smile to my face, as well as my wallet.

My most favourite bonus feature is the Kyle Bonus Spins. This is activated by getting two regular bonus symbols on the third and fourth reels together with one character bonus symbol on the fifth reel. With the the Kyle Bonus Spins feature, the player starts off with ten free spins, which in itself is cool, as there are random wilds that come into play to award you loads of cash. However, what I really love is Ike the baby on the fifth reel. Once he appears, you will hear the words ‘Kick the baby’ which any fan of the show will throw you into fits of laughter. We also recommend to pay Cleopatra one the classic game in the Slot world, I’m sure you will love this game read our detail review here.

In this bonus feature, once Ike appears, we then see Kyle come into the picture to kick the baby - Ike - and wherever Ike lands can mean loads of cash to be awarded. There are awards like multipliers starting from 2x and 10x as well as sets of three bonus free spins. So theoretically, a player can keep on counting the cash as the baby lands on three free spins ever so often! There is big cash to be won here, as there is a maximum win of 300 times the player’s stake which can be up to £37.500! Not bad for a bonus feature and getting to enjoy Kyle kicking the baby.

It must be noted that it is not only fans of South Park (read full review online) will enjoy the game, but all slots players. Net Entertainment is one of the leading games developers in the industry and pride themselves in delivering high quality online slots games that have a broad appeal and lasting effect on players.