It’s a phrase coined by mobile slots and games enthusiasts worldwide but what exactly does the term “super gaming” mean? We’ve looked at some of the top UK slot sites for answers including Slotsquad, an independent casino review website and games investigator. As it so happens “super gaming” could well be the combination of various game areas to widen the entertainment field for players. “It’s about keeping people in one place, with one brand and without the need for player migration” said Keith Merton during a recent multi-gaming discussion forum. So who provides “super gaming” and what do players need to know?

What we discovered during our analysis of several leading online casinos and slot sites, especially UK slot sites, was that games capacity was no longer increasing in just one direction, but multiple directions. You can now play online bingo in top casinos for instance, but also slots and roulette at the best bingo sites, it’s called “super gaming” and it’s the combination of cross-field games. Going back five years, it was the sports betting brands that first moved towards the “super gaming monopoly” as online bookmakers held more cards, and still do with their sports betting and “bet anything” solutions. What players need to know is that websites with the best “super gaming” potential will hold the best games variety, but necessarily the best bonus package.

It’s at this point that combining bingo, slots and casino games for the ultimate experience forces smaller and less able competitors to do more with their bonus and promotion firepower to counter “super gaming”. This is a very interesting point and puts emphasis on new casinos and mobile slot sites that will be stretching to do more for new members choosing to play their games, and not the super power gaming brands.

In summary, there are both good and bad points to the “super gaming” paradox that will undoubtedly direct the course of online casinos, bingo sites and slot networks for years to come. Yes it’s amazing to have all the games you need under one roof, but if the bonuses and promotions dry up, because the top brands no longer need to compete, whilst at the same time the smaller sites without “super gaming” muscle will work harder to impress players. At, the review team specialises in identifying both “super gaming” and smaller “non-super gaming” platforms so players can make up their own minds or get the best of both worlds. You can find out more information here along with bonuses and new game release reviews from Slotsquad.