Are you fed up of waiting? Waiting for the bus; waiting for your friends; waiting even for the shower in the morning? We spend hours a week waiting for things to happen and all that time standing around doing nothing can get very boring.

For many commuters, the endless wait at train stations and on the tube is often softened by free newspapers and Wi-Fi, two media contributions aimed at providing entertainment and news to busy commuters on dull journeys.

Metro has succeeded where other papers have not in performing the difficult transition from newsprint to online platforms and they now boast two destinations for commuters to call upon when waiting.

Recently this dual-partnership has grown a further branch, with the introduction of Metro Play Casino to the online community. The casino differs from other gaming devices in that it’s available on your home desktop computer and on the go via your handset.

So, while you’re waiting at the bus stop you can hop online and play some of the 200 games available. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casino tsar or first-time gamer, the Metro Play Casino games are designed to entertain everyone who logs in.

Simple games are the best because it’s difficult to follow extensive plot lines, drawn-out deals and complicated rules when you’re commuting. That’s why the slots are so popular, for you don’t even need to know the rules to spin for big money jackpots. There are scores of slot machines available for gamers so you’re bound to find the right one for you. Meanwhile, super quick casino games like baccarat and roulette bring the life and soul of Monte Carlo to your phone all in between tube stops.

When you’re next waiting for the bus or stood in the Post Office queue, consider how much fun you could be having online. The casino community is growing larger every day, thousands are already playing and there’s always room for more to join in the fun.