The 21 Duel blackjack online is one of the straightforward, fast and furious variation of blackjack. In the 21 Duel blackjack, a player first starts by placing an ante bet. Once the player places the bet, the player is dealt with the cards, and the game starts, as oppose to regular blackjack, where the dealer first deals the cards to the player, and they decide how the wish to proceed.

The player gets a one face-up card and one face-down card, whereas the leader receives two face-down cards and two face-up cards. Once the cards are dealt, the player is allowed either to fold or to play. If the player decides to play, then the player will have to place another bet equal to the ante bet. This helps to ad more fun and excitement to the game, make it more interesting to the players.

The player then needs to choose the community card and decide whether to hit or stand. In 21 Duel blackjack, if the player goes over 21 it is a bust. The value is mostly calculated by turning over the face-down card and adding its value to the hand.

The main feature of this type of blackjack is that, there is an option side pot, where the player can bet into before seeing the face-up card and the community cards. If the player gets a pair in these cards, which is among the three cards, then the player receives a payout of 3 to 1. If the cards turn out to be the same all three cards, then the bet will pay 20 to 1.

So beyond the fact that this type of blackjack is more exciting it actually helps you win more (or lose..) while enjoying a game of blackjack. There are many players who like the same old regular blackjack games, for those who wish to changed it up, a good game of Duel Online Blackjack is the right call, as long as you know your game.