Poker is widely known as an everyman game, but in recent year, the level of competition in live and online poker has rivaled that of many professional sports. As a result, it is no surprise that many football stars have decided to take their chances at the game of poker. Today, let's look at four football players that have tried their hand in poker.

Gigi Buffon, goalkeeper for Juventus, is probably the most famous active football player to try his hand at the game. The superstar goalie has shown tremendous prowess at the tables and has even been signed to a deal with online poker site While Buffon has not made any major scores in live events as of yet, it is likely just a matter of time.

Former Irish National player Tony Cascarino is probably the most successful former football player turned poker pro. In the course of his poker career, he has won over $589,000 in live tournaments. Among the wins he has notched in his belt includes the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Grand Final in London in 2008 which won him $283,000.

One of Spain's most beloved football stars, Poli Rincon, is another former football player that is trying his hand at poker. The former Real Madrid and Real Betis star took up the game in 1990 and has appeared in many high profile events around the world. PokerStars also signed Rincon to their Friend of PokerStars list and sponsor him in various live events.

The most popular former football player now playing poker is Teddy Sherringham. The former Manchester United legend made a big splash in 2009 when he finished 14th at the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event among some of the top stars in the world. For his career, Sheringham has won about $298,000 in prize money.

With the growing popularity of poker, it should be no surprise that football stars are trying their hand at poker. If you look at any list of popular poker sites, you will find games for any skill level of player which makes it easy to take up the game. As long as poker stays popular and as profitable as it has been in recent years, expect more football players to flock to the game.