The same way we chance playing a particular online pokies real money games, football players also change clubs for a plethora of reasons. At the same time, most transfer activities that have not been making sense for the football world. From pundits, players and coaches, they tend to question some of the transfer moves that take place. 

Well, it is crazy in the world of football when it comes to transfer deals and everything involved. Are you aware that some transfer deals are made only to grab the headline stories on the news? That will lead to some of these transfers to be strange rather. 

Without further ado, let us share with you some of the fascinating, rather strange transfer moves in football history. 

Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United - 2018

After having a wonderful and successful spell at the Emirates, Sanchez move to Manchester United from Arsenal was very shocking. Even though we saw it coming that the Chilean was on the verge of leaving the North London side, but leaving for a rival team was something most football fans did not anticipated. Did you know that you can bet on 

Sanchez had a bad time at Manchester United only conjured a paltry five goals and nine assists in 45 games in all competition. It has been a roller-coaster drive for Alexis in Manchester until he made a move to join Inter Milan. 

Sol Campbell to Notts County – 2009 

Sol Campbell had his own fair share of a successful career. Winning two Premier League titles and getting on the scoresheet in the Champions League final for Arsenal that’s phenomenal. 

However, the solid player made a decision in his career to go and finish his football career in the fourth division playing for Nott County. A lucrative £40,000 a week wage, which was more than any League 2, could earn in a single year. 

Sol was quite a player at Nott and the fans loved him. Not all this can be surprising considering a high profile player he was in his prime.