Bingo has been a main stay in British society for many years, and is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity right now. It's a dominant industry and it's only growing bigger, with billions of Pounds being spent in mergers and sales and with hundreds of millions being dropped on marketing and expansion programs. Bingo is where it's at right now, and that's why we've made this game the highlight of this fact-filled article.

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• The World record for an online bingo jackpot was set in 2009 by 'Georgios M.', a 36-year-old married businessman from Greece, who won a ridiculous €6.3million! As in the UK, the game of bingo is also huge in Greece. Its popularity has been driven by games like Keno, which are very similar to bingo and can be found in every betting shop in the country. Greece is mad about bingo, and when you hear stories like those of Georgios, it's easy to see why.

• Over 8% of the UK Population plays Bingo, which is over 5 million people! There are twice as many female players as there are male players, with research suggesting that 10% of all females play the game, compared to just 5% of males. These numbers have been bolstered by the success of online bingo, which has made it easier than ever to play. But bingo halls and traditional games of bingo are still very popular as well. The stereotype of a social club or bingo hall being packed to the rafters with older players is very much alive and well, but it has also been embraced by the younger generations.

• The game we know and love today wasn’t always called Bingo, originally it was known as "Beano" in the US and even "Le Lotto" in France. The name "Bingo", however, is now widely used and has firmly cemented itself in the public consciousness.

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• There are over 400 Bingo Halls in the UK. These halls are designed solely for the purpose of playing bingo and have games that run from morning until night. They return cash prizes as well as cars, holidays, and other prizes. However, while 400 might seem like a large number, the game of bingo has struggled somewhat outside of the virtual world. In fact, 2016 saw the launch of the very first bingo hall to be built in over 7 years, a ridiculously long time for a game this popular. To put it into perspective for you, there was said to be over 14 million bingo club members in the 1960s, when offline bingo was in its heyday. Still, there has been somewhat of a resurgence lately and these figures are bolstered by the huge online success.

• Recent polls of UK players has revealed that 3.4 million people play online bingo, turning over £600 million for the industry each year. Another surprising statistic is that about 50% of all online bingo players play the game daily, and 40% have been playing online bingo for more than five years! This level of player-dedication is actually one of the reasons the game has done so well over the years. As with games like Poker and Baccarat (although not games like Craps and Roulette), Bingo has a dedicated player-base, with players who keep returning day after day and week after week to play. They get involved with the community, they make friends, and this ensures that they remain dedicated players and repeat customers.

• Cambridge university studies claim that the chances of winning £1 million is 200,000 – 1 in the National Bingo games. This may sound like a lot, but when you put these odds into perspective and compare them to lotteries, which have equally large jackpots, they begin to look much more favourable. In fact, the odds of winning a 7-figure lottery jackpot average at around 1 in 15 million, which means you are considerably more likely to win big on bingo than you are on national lotteries.

• Statistics show that there are an unbelievable 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000,000 bingo card combinations! That’s 7 numbers for every single person on Earth! There's very little we can say about those odds, other than: Wow! This is super gambling at its best.


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• The most common name for Bingo winners is “Margaret” Again, there isn't much we can say here, except to note that the stereotype of bingo players is clearly based in truth. 

• The origins for Bingo date back almost 500 years to Italy, the original name for the game was “Lo Giuoco del Lotto”. Number games like bingo were used to generate funds for the state. In fact, a number's game similar to bingo and keno is believed to have helped fund the building of the Great Wall of China thousands of years ago. These games were also used by empires such as the Spanish, Portuguese and British to generate funds for the war effort and to help the empires expand. These games clearly have a lot to answer for!

• Approximately every year, the annual stake amount is an incredible £1.2 billion! That's a staggering sum of money and it gives you an idea of just how valuable this industry is. Now you know why the hype is so big right now and why so much money is being spent on acquiring big bingo sites and software providers. What's more, thanks to the boom in online bingo, this number is only increasing and many more companies are throwing their hats into the ring and trying to earn their share of the spoils.

The Bingo Boom

There you go--ten facts about the game of bingo that will make you stop and think. This game is massive right now and could rival games like poker and baccarat in a few years to come. This will increase the amount of money being spent on innovations, which in turn will improve the game for players everywhere.

Big and impressive facts aside, that's news that you can't help but be happy with.