It’s been over a century since the first ever slot machine, Charles Fey’s iconic Liberty Bell, was invented. And whilst modern online slots are practically unrecognisable from the machines of Fey’s time, the excitement of playing has never lost it’s spark.

In fact, with over 28 million of us now choosing to play online, it seems the thrill of the slot machine only ever gets better.

It just takes a quick look at one of today’s online casinos to see what all the hype’s about. These sites can pack in over 500 of the latest and greatest slot games, ready for you to enjoy at the click of a button or the swipe of a screen. From all the classic titles once featured on real casino floors (like Cleopatra and Rainbow Rainbow) to games based on your favourite blockbusters (such as Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World, Rocky and Top Gun), there really is something for everyone in the current slot market.

But the number of games is not the only thing that makes modern slot players so lucky.

Being digitalised means online slots can be designed with more bonus features than the mechanical Liberty Bell could ever dream of. Bonus features are extras specifically built into the game to enhance the player’s experience and make it more lucrative.

If you’re only just starting out as a slot player, it’s a good idea to try and familiarise yourself with the kinds of bonus features available in today’s slots. Not only will this help you decide which slots are likely to prove most rewarding when choosing one to play, but it’ll also help you make the most of these features when they do appear as you’re spinning.

Scan your eyes over our handy guide below to get quickly up to speed with the basics of slot game features.