Blackjack Pro, also known as Blackjack Beater, is a pocket-sized device, which vibrates. The device is almost similar to a car alarm transmitter. The main essence of the Blackjack pro is that the device allows the players to count cards properly and accurately and with discretion.

With the help of the Blackjack Pro, a common player can, in theory, quickly accomplish what a professional player may take years to do. It is advised that Blackjack Pro is used in combination with a card counting technique and basic strategy, allowing a player to make more informed decisions, such as deciding when to make a hit based on the probability of that hit delivering a win.

But, of course, there is a catch. Nothing is ever that simple and there are some major issues with Blackjack Pro. So, if you’re only just learning about this device and want to discover more, or if you’re thinking about using it and want to understand the legality, the complications, and the strategies, then this is the guide for you.

*No one at GambleRogerFest advocates the use of this device. This guide was written for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation.

Is the Blackjack Pro Legal?

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This is something we need to discuss right off the bat—the veritable “elephant in the room”. The Blackjack Pro device, just like the Blackjack Beater and other blackjack card counting devices, are not legal, at least not when they are used in a casino. You can buy them, assuming you can find them (more on that below) but if you take them into a casino and use them to count cards, you can get into trouble.

If all you are doing is counting cards and not using a device to somehow manipulate the game, then they will probably just ban you. If you win a lot of money doing it, then they may try to take legal action and drag you through the courts. You’re dealing with huge companies, ones that make millions, if not billions of dollars and don’t mind trying to make an example out of you.

So, no, the Blackjack Pro device, and the Blackjack Beater and other devices, are not legal, at least not strictly. However, there is nothing wrong with counting cards if you don’t use a device. This is where the law gets tricky though and it’s why everything can seem a bit confusing.

Simply put, a casino cannot take legal action against you if they believe that you are counting cards. For one thing, despite all their software and their countermeasures (which they spend millions on every year) they can’t confirm that you have indeed been counting cards unless you openly admit to it. And even if you do openly admit to it, there is little they can do about it.

In Atlantic City, they can’t even ban you. Elsewhere, however, they can, and they probably will. It’s their premises, after all, and they don’t necessarily need a valid reason to kick you out. They may do so on the grounds that you are causing problems or that they believe you are cheating. It’s irrelevant and you have no case against them if you live outside of Atlantic City.

With the Blackjack Pro, however, then even casinos in Atlantic City can ban you. They will also blacklist you, which means you will be banned from all casinos in the city and potentially all casinos owned by the same company nationwide.

How Does the Blackjack Pro Work?

The Blackjack Pro device works by giving you a secret way to add and subtract. It will then tell you when the optimal time to bet is by vibrating. This happens very quietly, with the idea being that the dealer or the other players won’t notice.

To understand why this works, you need to understand why card counting works and why it is effective. Card counting is not a complex process. Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, it doesn’t require Rain Man levels of cognitive processing. You don’t even need to be good at math.

If you can add and subtract single digits, and you can do so in the noise and chaos of a busy casino, then you can count cards. The Blackjack Pro device just makes this process slightly easier.

If you see a low value card, (6 or less), then you press the button on the left; if you see a high value one (10 and above), you press the button on the right. If it’s a neutral (7 to 9) you don’t do anything. The device will simply subtract 1 when you press the left button and add 1 when you press the right button. You can do the same thing in your head if you’re fast enough.

If the total number is -5, that means that more low numbers have been drawn than high ones, which means there are more high numbers left in the shoe. This means that the conditions are optimal for betting and the player is encouraged to bet more. If the opposite is true, they are either encouraged to sit out the game or to bet less. The higher the minus score, the more they bet; the higher the plus score, the less they bet.

It’s simple, but as discussed, you don’t necessarily need a Blackjack Pro device to do this.

Where to Find a Blackjack Cheating Device

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These devices are not produced commercially, which is why they go by many names (from the Blackjack Pro to the Blackjack Beater and more) and why many of them are listed as “Not for Sale”. In fact, getting a hold of them is very difficult—even finding a site that has them for sale is difficult.

Of course, even if you can find one, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing it. It can get you into trouble and it’s really not necessary. Counting cards is as easy as adding and subtracting single digits. Why use a device for something so easy when that device could land you with bans, suspensions, fines, and even time in a cell?

Is it worth the risk? We would say no. 

Can You Use Blackjack Pro Online?

There are many top sites out there, and theoretically, you could use the Blackjack Pro device online. Games of virtual blackjack, which are played against the AI, don’t work like games in land-based casinos. In a land-based casino, the cards are dealt from a shoe and when they have been played, they are discarded and only dealt back in when all of the cards have been played.

In games of virtual blackjack, a random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each card turn, and this effectively means that the cards are shuffled after every hand. This renders card counting useless and as a result the Blackjack Pro device will be just as useless.

There is an exception though and that’s live dealer blackjack games. These games often mimic land-based casinos, which means they tend to deal from a shoe. That’s great news, because then you can use your Blackjack Pro device without worrying about being caught, right? Well, yes, but what’s the point?

This device was created with secrecy in mind, but when you’re sitting behind your computer, you don’t need to hide anything from anyone. You could use your smartphone or a calculator if you wanted and nobody would stop you. You have to be quick, of course, but the same applies when you use the Blackjack Pro device.

If this sounds too good to be true, then there are a few issues to note:

1. House Edge: Many live dealer games of blackjack have a slightly higher house edge to account for the increased risk. Card counting is still effective in such cases, but it makes it harder to turn a profit.

2. Not all Games: While many live dealer games do deal from a shoe and don’t shuffle after every hand, the same can’t be said for all games. Some do shuffle, and if this happens then no amount of card counting will help you. The easiest way to discover if this is the case is to sign in, play the game, and watch the dealer’s actions. Do they shuffle the cards after every hand or not?

3. They Can Ban You: Casinos are not stupid. They are wise to the tricks employed by card counters and they know that their games are targeted. They also know that banning a suspected card counter is as easy as clicking a button. If this happens, there’s nothing you can do—it’s in their terms and conditions and they have you right where they want you. If they spot the patterns of card counting, which essentially amounts to winning consistently, then they may ban you.

Other Card Counting Devices

There are many different blackjack card counting devices, but they all work in the same way as the Blackjack Pro. What’s more, none of them are produced commercially as the market is very small and clandestine. These divides amount to little more than jerry-rigged calculators and pagers. After all, it just needs to add and subtract single digits and then buzz when it reaches a specific amount.

Some of them will have pre-programmed options, such as increased vibration when the number is especially high or low, but there are a lot on limitations concerning how many features these devices can offer. They can’t connect to your phone or watch, because if you’re looking at those devices every time you play, you’re attracting suspicion. They can’t make a noise for pretty much the same reason, and a digital on-screen display would be absolutely pointless.

Conclusion: Do You Need a Card Counting Device?

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We cannot and will not recommend a card counting device. However, we have no issues with card counting in general. As any blackjack player will tell you, card counting is simply a way of using your brain to gain an edge over the casino.

This is no different to looking at stats and form before placing a bet; it’s no different to reading a player’s tells in a game of poker. A stigma has been placed on card counting because the casinos have gone to great lengths to make everyone think it is illegal and immoral. They know they don’t have the backing of the law, so they try their best to change public opinion instead.

If you want to gain an edge over the casino and you don’t mind running the risk of being asked to leave or even being banned, we recommend practicing card counting. This is something you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Grab a deck of cards and a stack of chips, look at the simple explanation that we gave above, and try to count cards and play as if you were in a real casino.

As soon as you get to grips with it, you can try to deal more hands into the game and add more decks to the shoe. Once you have this down, then play some music, ask your friends to join in and play quickly, and try to keep up with everything throughout this time.

It’s difficult to stay patient and focused and in the beginning it can seem impossible, but as with everything else, practice makes perfect and the more you do it the better you will become.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that card counting is not a guarantee. It can help to tilt the edge in your favour, but that doesn’t mean that you will win every hand. Proper budgeting and bankroll management is therefore essential as it’s easy to get a false sense of security and to start gambling more than you can afford to lose. This is made easier when you gamble online with PayPal and other e-wallets as they can keep everything in one place. You can also try cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, as they also keep your money in one place, just like a cash wallet.