James Bond and his escapades might be fictional characters but the game of baccarat is as real as you and me. This is a real game in which punters play for real money prizes.

Bond at Online Casinos

While you will probably find a casino game or two based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond it might be some time before we see the spy playing casino games at south africa online casino . The creators of the movies have so far tried to stick as much as possible to Fleming’s stories. They have been really conservative with what they add to the movies. And so far the spy loves to play casino games, baccarat in particular.

Following the Trends

Although the James Bond filmmakers are essentially traditionalists they have been moving with the times. In the movie Casino Royale, the game of Baccarat is substituted with No limit Texas Hold Em Poker. 007 plays the game wins against the villain of the movie Le Chiffre.

This means that there is a possibility to see the most famous MI7 agent playing baccarat at an online casinos. Of course, there has to be a huge trend that the movie directors will be following. There is something that could make all this happen a little quicker. VR

Playing  VR Baccarat

Already many of the top internet casinos offer live games. These are a special kind of casino game that is played in a live set-up with a real croupier and other opponents. All the action happens in real time. One of the top games that gamblers can enjoy in this format is online baccarat.

There is a lot of work being done to perfect the Virtual Reality experience. At the very same time, online casino game developers are working frantically to make sure that they have VR games ready soon. Therefore we are now only months, not years, away from playing VR baccarat. Who knows even James Bond might join the table for a hand or two.